Network-Based Control Systems and Applications


Welcome to the IEEE IES Technical Committee on Network-Based Control Systems (NBCS) and Applications website. The main purpose of this website is to promote technologies in NBCS including theories and applications. This website also monitors and reports recent trends on NBCS, latest researches, and up-to-date developments in academic institutes and industries worldwide.


For many years now, data networking technologies have been widely applied in controls of industrial and military applications. These applications includes factory automation, industrial plants, automobiles, robotics, and aircrafts, which are well-recognized control applications. Due to advancements in communication technologies such as fieldbus or wireless networking and reducing costs of networking devices, the uses of networking technologies have been extending into several new control applications such as precision farming, building automation, medicines, education, and security and surveillance. These control applications are usually called a network-based control systems, which can provide several advantages among traditional control applications. For example, network connections can effectively reduce the complexity of the systems with nominal economical investments, which give convenience to technicians for maintenances. Moreover, the applications connected through a network can be remotely controlled from a long-distance site. Other advantages include their modularity, wiring savings, and self-configuration features. Because of these advantages, researches in network-based control systems have received much deserved attention in recent years. Current researches in NBCS can be listed as follows.

  • Modeling and Control

  • Stability analysis

  • Wireless network-based control systems

  • QoS (Quality-of-Services)

  • Securities of NBCS

  • Scheduling techniques

  • Fault-tolerance and fault accommodation NBCS

  • Protocol designs

  • Hardware implementations of NBCS

  • Energy management in NBCS

  • NBCS applications such as factory automation, robotics, medicines, and automobiles

The major tasks of the technical committee in NBCS and applications are to promote researches in NBCS as mentioned, monitor trends in this area, and also network people around the world to collaborate researches in NBCS together.